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Sell in a few simple steps

Selling online on Mallsway is an easy and effective way to reach out to potential consumers. Whether you are a small or a large business owner, Mallsway provides you the required tools and experience to reach millions of buyers and sell online successfully.


Our concept is simple! At first glance ,easily customize your seller profile, set up your unique storefront and let millions of customers see your products online every day.

Let Mallsway work for your business

Mallsway Marketplace offers you various options you can use to your manage orders easily and lead potential customers to your storefront. Our tools and services helps you to optimise your sales and get the most out of your online e-commerce activities.


As a Mallsway Seller, you will be able to build your catalog, control inventory, manage orders and shipping methods. Customers can shop your items and you only pay a small commission when a sale is made.

The benefits we offer to our customers

Here are some of the time and cost-saving benefits you will experience with Mallsway:

  • Your customers can shop safe and secure knowing their details are safe
  • Customers can shop from a huge range sellers
  • Easy to use online order management interface
  • Comprehensive seller analytics and reporting designed to help you sell more
  • A simple and straight forward fee structure and no long term commitment. Cancel anytime
  • We care about your quality and allows registered business sellers only .
  • Buyer can ask you a question


Reasons to Join as a Mallsway Seller

For starters, It’s also important to note that Mallsway attracts a different audience than other e-commerce platforms.
This is one of the many benefits why you should consider selling on Mallsway and capitalize on existing search traffic.


Here are some top reasons why businesses are joining Mallsway.

Small businesses with unique products as such, will be getting high exposure on Mallsway and will surely provide you skyrocket sales.
Brands finding it hard to market their products will expect better and more organic exposure on Mallsway without spending any extra advertising.
Companies with hard-to-find Items and the fact you will not compete with any of Mallsway products means that we can highlight your items more than usual.

We make it simple and non-confusing with "no monthly fees" Mallsway sellers only pay the referral fee per sale when they make a sale.


Really Easy to Signup and Setup your Store